We at 3BC believe in what Johann Wolfgang von Goethe stated, “Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough; we must do.”


We also believe in what John Foster Dulles stated, “The measure of success is not whether or not you have a tough problem to deal with, but whether it is the same problem you tried to manage last year.”


For organizations to survive and then excel, the organization needs to realize three things:


1.     An UNDERSTANDING (Where are they now?)

2.     A VISION (Where they want to be in the future?)

3.     A PLAN (Turning the vision into reality)


We at 3BC work with organizations and individuals to prepare them for the above challenge.


3BC makes the transformation and change easier but perhaps not simpler. Simple is not the same as easy. In our experience, we have observed that many people believe that once they understand a concept, it will simply be easy to execute a plan and achieve the resulting outcomes  Information is usually not enough to change our behavior.


We all know how to smile and yet not all smile. We all know about the dangers of drinking and driving, but most do drive. We have all seen and read the warning on the cigarette packs and yet people smoke.


Therefore, the challenge is doing things (behavior) and not simply understating things and hence our belief in the statement, “Information is not enough to change behavior”


We also believe that the role of the leadership in any organization is to produce more leaders to take the organization forward in an orderly manner and not just produce followers.

Change leading to transformation and improvement requires great effort by all involved in the organization.

It can be challenging for a busy executive to have the discipline to stop, breathe and listen patiently while others say things that they may not want to hear.

They may understands the need to change and even have the desire to do so but still finds it hard to have the discipline to change.

At 3BC we work through training, coaching, mentoring and facilitation to help individuals and organizations find this discipline and make the changes they want.

We also believe and understand that every project is unique and our solutions are always tailor-made through an ongoing consultation with each client.

When working with the our clients we believe that we should focus on the following:


  • Clear Objectives:

    (eyes on the ball) so many times training interventions do not have clear objectives and so it is difficult to measure their effectiveness. 

    We work with our clients to develop and agree clear objectives


  • Interactivity:

    We design our programs to be highly interactive. We recognize that our clients are the experts on their businesses and themselves.  3BC aims to help them make the changes they need to improve their performance and we can only do that by working with them.

    Information has never been as accessible as now. You can get most of the information on the Internet. However, as we stated above information alone does not change behavior.


  • Multiple Interventions: 

    In our experience, as is with educational theory,  change and improvement often involve more than one intervention. This means that our clients have an opportunity to put into practice the knowledge and skills learned  so far ,while realizing as they carry on that they may need to consider other area requiring improvement.

    Necessary training programs are often supported with coaching and by client’s own employees trained by 3BC to act as mentors so that the changed behavior is further embedded. Repeated exposure and support means that the required behavior change is more certain and therefore is more effective.


  • Community Building:

    We work with clients to develop processes that allow both formal and informal learning to take place.  By maintaining a sustainable contact we can make change stick, hard as it may be.


  • Flexibility:

    By default and as stated by Project Management Institute's PMI’s PMBOK® every project is unique. No two projects are same. At 3BC we listen carefully to every client's requirements so our solutions ensure you meet the objectives you set.